Galassia Flowers are cut flowers and ornamental plants that emit light. Exotic and different, Galassia Flowers are flowers treated with a fluorescent formulation. "Galassia Flowers" is the trademarked name for the first Fluorescent Green products released by the R&D company, Bioconst.

The treated flowers require UV light to reveal their splendour. The formulation and the illumination device are proprietary products developed by Bioconst.

The first illumination device available for purchase is perfect for accessories, weddings, balls and gala parties. The device can also be used in table settings. This will be followed shortly by illumination devices for cut flowers and pot plants.

Photographs of the Fluorescent Green flowers and illumination devices may be viewed in our Gallery.

Orders for these first products can now be made directly from Bioconst. See our Contacts page for more details.

You can also see a demonstration of how to make a fluorescent Galasia corsage at This was prepared by Tracey at Twigs

Our newest innovation the Galassia Candle is a unique product with a million applications; a romantic table setting, a children's magical bedroom display, just in time for Christmas. Using our illumination device, the Galassia formulation on artificial flowers and your imagination, light up your world with the Galassia Candle.

We supply the formulation and the illumination device. Limited only by your imagination; the Galassia formulation creates a long-lasting display. Here we are giving you only some idea of the posibilities with artificial flowers.



The first illumination device available for purchase is perfect for accessories and table settings for weddings, balls and gala parties. For more information on our first product, please download this PDF.

The Galassia fashion accessory has many uses – download some ideas here.

"Bioconst" is a registered trademark (Australian Trademark 1363704)

"Galassia Flowers" is a registered trademark (Australian Trademark 1436000)

An application for trademark has been submitted for the words "Fluoresent Green" (Australian Trademark application 1389084).